Service Agreement Meaning Arabic

Below are the equivalents of the Arabic word (- null/null), which seems to combine both the meaning of zero and nullity: the terms have only by charging them in sociocultural frameworks more or less specific to culture and which can be totally distorted if the implicit information specific to culture or the meaning or allusion of words specific to culture is not covered by the translator [36, 137]. Similarly, Legrand [30: p. 35] states that «there is no evidence that the same idea will necessarily produce the same idea in another culture, let alone if the words inscribed themselves are different because they have been rendered in another language.» The formulations that refer to God are intertextual references that are quite significant in the Arabic text, but this intertextuality is lost in non-Islamic cultures… These ritual formulas have no relevance to the legal validity of the document; Therefore, the possibility of omitting their translation remains open. [31, 21] It is recommended that a legal translator not take the initiative to denigrate abstract words, to translate them literally as they are and to leave the interpretations to the court. According to Wai-Yee, «descriptive equivalence» or «paraphrase» is preferable «when a one-for-one translation does not reveal legal significance or cannot distinguish the notion of law from other similar terms» [44, p. 79]. The «paraphrase» strategy shows that the concept is derived from another legal system, which should be interpreted according to that foreign legal system. An example of Shara law may be the term (ciddah – the prescribed waiting period for women who remarry, whose length depends on the death of their husband or divorce. Below are some alternative solutions to the absence of one-for-one correspondence between legal terms and phrases: This difference in legal systems poses a challenge to the abandonment of the legal translator, because the legal vocabulary is culturally specific and systemic.

The translator`s task is not only to transcode the legal meaning, but to give the legal effect. The offence is caused by the fact that the interpretation of the phrase «I believe in God» was recorded to the letter, without taking into account the underlying cultural element. In Arab culture, if a person is in trouble, a person can utter sentences like above. For this reason, «legal translators must engage in an ongoing debate with the meanings inherited from different habitus and forms of capital, in order to find the discourse as fully as possible, taking into account the difference in value at stake in each legal exchange» [41, p. 271]. As mentioned above, doublets appear in two-word forms such as the first two examples or three-word forms in the last example. These terms are repeated in legal documents and the meaning of each term may have some legal implication, sometimes doublets are synonymous, but sometimes they are not and synonyms are also problematic as a concept. Therefore, the translation of these translations must be done with care. The translation of doublets and triplets into culturally and system-based documents, such as marriages, divorce contracts and official documents, varies. They can sometimes be literally sent to the TT, where the repetition of the two terms occurs, as in the examples cited in [28]: An example of triplets is «I give, and inherit all my property,» which can be translated into «-«.

This triplet is partly superfluous because the meaning of the verb (— give) is contained in the two verbs «currency» and «erqueath.» It could be better rendered than — I inked all my properties).

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