Transportation Agreement Oconus

(g) the signature of the worker who accepts the terms of the agreement. You must pay the transportation costs for the return of immediate family members if the employee has successfully completed his term of OCONUS service contract. No, you cannot claim a refund of your immediate family members or household goods more than once as part of a service contract. (a) all transportation and living expenses you received from you and your immediate family during the period of your service contract for travel extension; You must pay for the return trip and transportation of an employee only once at the end of each agreed service period. If an employee does not meet the terms of the service contract, the worker is required by the government for all moving expenses that have been reimbursed to the worker or that have been paid directly by the government. However, if the reasons for not complying with the terms of the service contract are outside the scope of the staff directive and are acceptable to the Agency, you can dismiss the service contract staff member and waive any debt. (2) Towards a service in Alaska or Hawaii as part of a written service agreement relating to the public service; or (a) you are on a mission abroad and have completed your mission and completed your service contract satisfactorily; and yes, you must require staff to sign a service contract if the employee receives a refund for moving expenses, except as provided at .302-3.410 for a temporary station change. Contrary to the provisions of No. 302-3.209 to 302-3.226, your agency head only authorizes travel and transportation expenses for your extension of travel to Alaska or Hawaii if he finds that if you are travelling abroad (instead of the United States), you will only receive a refund if your home is actually located in the country where you are taking your leave and then you will only be reimbursed for your travel and transportation expenses. Allowed.

You must pay all fees above your authorized amount. If you do not subscribe to your service time under your new service contract for reasons that are not acceptable to your agency, you will have to pay the government: (e) detailed information on the employee`s obligation to repay the funds spent on his relocation as a debt owed to the government in the event of a breach of the service contract; Yes, you and your family can visit another us site (except your actual place of residence) as part of your travel renewal contract. However, your agency only reimburses you for the amount of authorized expenses from your service to your actual place of residence and return (if any) over a distance usually traveled.

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